Partner with BitBalloon

Make hosting and deployment easy for your users by integrating BitBalloon infrastructure into your own app or service. We offer several levels of integration, from a simple affiliate to full-on white-label API integrations.



This is the simplest form of partnership. It requires no custom development on your part, all you need to do is add this embed code to create a BitBalloon deployment dropzone for your audience:

  <a class="bb-dropzone-widget" href="">BitBalloon</a>
  <script>(function(w,d) { if(!w.bb_embed) { var e = d.createElement("script"); e.async=1; e.src = ""; d.body.appendChild(e); } })(window, document);</script>

Earn recurring revenue when users upgrade to Pro.

Become an Affiliate


Reseller Platform

Get a custom branded hosting platform under your own domain name to deploy sites for your users. Resellers sites can have all the same functionality as sites deployed on, but under your domain and logo in the admin tools.

Let BitBalloon bill your customers and earn recurring revenue for their sites. Or you can disable billing individual users and pay a monthly bulk rate directly to BitBalloon.

Reseller integrations create a good user experience without requiring much custom developement.

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API Integration

If you're adding static site publishing into your own web service or application, a white-label, API-driven integration is the recommended option.

The backbone of an infrastructure integration is having the BitBalloon API available under your own domain. Billing is handled as a monthly bulk rate directly between the partner and BitBalloon. Pricing depends on the situation.

API Integrations let you leverage BitBalloons infrastructure while keeping in complete control of the user experience.

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