Netlify, a pro-version of BitBalloon.

BitBalloon to netlify

A while back we introduced our new product for pro developers, netlify.

It’s a complete suite of hosting services for modern static websites, and even includes an opensource CMS.

Based on the same lightning fast CDN structure as BitBalloon, netlify comes with more than 40 distinct features, such as continous deployment, integration into GitHub, BitBucket, GitLabs and private Git repos, and so much more.

Netlify is more than twice as fast as any other hosting service on the market that specialises in hosting static sites and apps. That means better performance and higher conversion for your online business.

However BitBalloon isn’t going anywhere. It’s a stripped down version of netlify, where we focus on simple drag’n’drop deploying of static sites. BitBalloons goal is to be the easiest way to get a site online, while still getting blazingly fast hosting speeds.

But if you want to keep up with static news, or have more features, the platform that we are developing on, and where we publish content from is netlify. So do come and join us :)

Take care out there , and remember there are plenty of ways to get in touch) if you have any questions or comments.

~Matt & Chris, founders of BitBalloon & Netlify

Interested in Continuous Deployment?

We now recommend using netlify for Continuous Deployment.
It's our premium hosting platform and makes settings up continuous deployment of any static site as simple as it gets.

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