The Middleman BitBalloon Extension

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Middleman is one of our favorite static site generators here at BitBalloon.

This site is built with Middleman and we recently launched StaticGen, a directory of open-source static site generators, powered by Middleman.

Our new middleman-bitballoon extension now makes it even easier to deploy Middleman built sites to BitBalloon.

Using the Plugin

The middleman-bitballoon extension adds a middleman deploy command to Middleman.

First add middleman-bitballoon to the Gemfile of you Middleman project:

gem 'middleman-bitballoon'

And then run bundle install.

Before you can deploy, you’ll need to configure the extension in your config.rb:

activate :bitballoon do |bitballoon|
  bitballoon.token = ENV["BB_TOKEN"]  = ""

  # Optional: always run a build before deploying
  bitballoon.build_before = true

We recommend setting the Access Token from an environment variable, but obviously you can also load it from a file or hardcode it in your config.rb.

To generate a token, just go to the BitBalloon Applications screen and create a personal token.

Once the project has been configured right, you can deploy at any time with:

bundle exec middleman deploy

Interested in Continuous Deployment?

We now recommend using netlify for Continuous Deployment.
It's our premium hosting platform and makes settings up continuous deployment of any static site as simple as it gets.

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