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Grunt has quickly become the standard build-tool for the front-end world, with a huge ecosystem with hundreds of plugins you can use to automate just about anything.

Today we’re adding one more to the list: grunt-bitballoon.

The BitBalloon Grunt plugin makes it straight forward to deploy to BitBalloon straight from your Gruntfile. It’s a multi-task plugin, so you can easily setup development, staging and production targets.

Here’s a simple example of a Gruntfile using the plugin to setup a separate dev and prod target:

  bb: grunt.file.readJSON('./grunt-bitballoon.json'),
  bitballoon: {
    options: {
      token: '<%= bb.token %>',
      src: 'dist'
    dev: {
      site: ""
    prod: {
      site: ""

grunt.registerTask('deploy', [

Get all the details in our grunt-bitballoon docs

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