Hosting for the Programmable Web

If you’re building something web-based, you’ve probably heard about these things called APIs, maybe you’re even actively using them to achieve your goals.

APIs give you incredible leverage. The worlds most powerful algorithms in weather prediction or facial recognition are at your fingertips without any upfront capital investment on your part.

But most people, even those who know how to put together basic website, don’t know how to use APIs because authenticating and interfacing with them is too big of a technical hurdle.

It’s a real shame. If we can solve this problem, we’re bound to see an explosion of creativity.

Mind Blown

A major part of the problem is web literacy. Thankfully there are people like Kin Lane who are helping to educate the world about APIs and why they matter.

But beyond education, Internet infrastructure providers also have to make APIs more accessible and easier to use. Web hosting is a great example of an industry where there’s a lot of room for improvement.

Hosting an API-driven website today is like renting an apartment without utility hookups. Instead of just calling the power company and turning on the lights, you basically have to get out your electricians kit and climb up the telephone pole and hook into the power line yourself.

Line men

It’s complicated and potentially dangerous work. Unless you’re a lineman, or can afford to hire one, you’re gonna have a hard time participating and benefiting from the API Economy.

Introducing BitBalloon

We’re building BitBalloon to change all of that. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to get sites and apps online that leverage APIs by including the core utilities of the programmable web, out-of-the-box.

What makes BitBalloon so different from other hosting platforms is that it’s “site aware”. When you drag and drop a site onto BitBalloon, the first thing that happens is that BitBalloon scans all your files to get an understanding of what you’re actually hosting.

Once it has this contextual awareness of how your site works, BitBalloon essentially goes to work as your own personal robot lineman and hooks up an API that provides you with a plug and play interface with the rest of the web.

An on-ramp to the API Economy

You can use the OAuth2 based API that BitBalloon sets up for your site to do meaningful work, even if you don’t know the first thing about HTTP!

BitBalloon’s API is integrated with Zapier, an API marketplace which provides a point and click interface to wire up business logic for your site like hooking your forms into a CRM platform or making a service like Twillio send a text message when a submission comes in.

The combination of BitBalloon and Zapier means that instead of being forced to figure out how to implement some obscure network protocol, you’re finally in control of telling machines what to do!

Open Platform

We’ve deliberately built BitBalloon as an open API so that other other programmers can leverage our hosting engine to power a web authoring component inside their own apps and services.

We also offer a white label version for those with fully custom branding requirements.

We’d love to hear what you think of all this, and can’t wait to see you build with BitBalloon and the programmable web!