About BitBalloon

BitBalloon is all about connecting the elegant simplicity of static sites with the power of the programmable web. Our focus is making it as simple as possible to publish sites that are optimized for performance and leverage the API economy in a meaningful way.

Why are you offering Hosting for free?

Being able to write to the Internet, not just read it, is a basic human right. We want to encourage web literacy by removing as many barriers as possible to getting some HTML online. We also want to encourage a more efficient and compatible web by demonstrating web performance and API best practices.

Of course, a freemium model also helps people discover our premium offerings!

How does BitBalloon make my site so fast?

We’re simply doing all the stuff that should be done to make websites fast. The problem is, that stuff is tedious & complicated. So we built a robot that loves to do it!

BitBalloon performs the following optimizations:

Asset Compression — BitBalloon compresses your CSS & JavaScript to make your site lighter. Any CSS files that are referenced next to each other in your HTML will get combined into a single compressed file. The same goes for your JavaScript.

Image Optimization — An image optimizer removes unnecessary meta data from your images so that they are lighter & load faster for your visitors, but still retain the same image quality.

CDN Integration — All of the assets that get optimized by BitBalloon are uploaded to Akamai, the CDN that fortune 500 companies like Facebook use. This means your site will be hosted on hundreds of servers throughout the world and your visitors get will get routed to the one which has the lowest latency based on their location. It also means that Bitballoon sites can handle immense traffic spikes without skipping a beat.

Perfect Caching — Having perfect caching headers means that your site assets will be downloaded just once by your visitors and then stored offline in their web browser for instant access whenever a page they visit needs one of the cached assets.

So my forms just work?

Yes! BitBalloon detects any HTML forms you have on your site and the stores submissions to those forms in your project dashboard. Pro sites can also send email notifications of the form submissions.

Each site also comes with an API that’s modeled after Zapier’s perfect API, making it easy to send form submissions to hundreds of other cloud services.

Why a balloon?

Deploying optimized sites and apps should be fun & simple instead of unnecessarily complicated. We chose a balloon because, like a static site, it has no moving parts and derives it’s virtue from being light, lighter than the air around it!

Who are you guys?

BitBalloon is brought to you by MakerLoop Inc. We’re the team behind Webpop, a cloud based platform for developing dynamic websites. We created BitBalloon to provide a focused solution for situations where a static site or app makes more sense.